Kāpa MTB-O 3days 2024

Latvian championship in long and sprint distance

Baltic championships in long and sprint distance



28.06.-30.06.2024. Daugavpils in the vicinity of the city

Competition center Ruģeļu ūdenskrātuve

Organized - Orienteering Club "Kāpa" in cooperation with the municipality of Daugavpils state city, Latvian Orienteering Federation un Orienteering Club "Stiga"

Galvenais tiesnesis Paulis Bričonoks +371 26435996, paulis.os@inbox.lv

Distanču priekšnieks Edgars Bričonoks

Galvenais sekretārs Ieva Rukšāne



13:00 Start of long distance competition in Forštate


15:00 Start of Sprint distance near the Stropu estrāde


10:00 Start of Middle distance near competition centre Ruģeļu ūdenskrātuve



S,V- 14, 17,20,21,40,50,60

Approximate winning times in long distance 60-115 minutes, Sprint 15-25 minutes, Middle 45-55 minutes.


Online entries here: https://odb.lv/kapa2024/

  until April 15 2024 from April 16 to June 1 from June 2 to June 16
S,V-14,17,20 21 EUR / 8 EUR 25 EUR / 10 EUR 30 EUR / 12 EUR
S,V-21,40,50,60 36 EUR / 14 EUR 45 EUR / 17 EUR 50 EUR / 19 EUR

Entry fees must be paid by the entry deadline. An entry is considered as a warranty to pay the fee. Entries after 16 June involve a + 25% surcharge on the third deadline entry fee.

SI-AIR Rent is 5 EUR for three days, or 2 EUR per day. In case a SI card is lost or damaged, the competitors are obliged to cover the expenses.

Transport Passes - allows to enter the competition centre and each day’s event centres (purchase can be made by entering the competition centers, payment in cash only): Car pass (up to 9 persons) – 5,00 EUR Bus pass – 10,00 EUR

Competition center and participants’ campsite in the vicinity of the Ruģeļu ūdenskrātuve. Tent place: 5.00 EUR per night. Other accomodation options www.visitdaugavpils.lv


SPORTIdent AIR+. Controls will work in classic contact and contactless mode. Rent is 5 EUR for three days, or 2 EUR per day. In case a SI card is lost or damaged, the competitors are obliged to cover the expenses.

The use of bicycle helmets is mandatory.

Start interval long distanc 3 minutes, sprint distance 1 minute, middle distance 2 minutes.

Competitors must get to all control points with their bikes. Shourtcuts and off-track riding is allowed.

When moving on public roads, the participants of the competition must follow the road traffic rules. Traffic on public roads will not be restricted during the competition.

Competitors are responsible for their own health and safety. The organizers of the competition are not responsible for possible injuries and damages of the participants during the competition. In order to inform the public about the event, photo or video recording may take place during the competition.


The winners of each day will be awarded with prizes.

3-day overall results: First three athletes in each class are awarded with prizes provided by our sponsors.

Baltic Orienteering Championships long and sprint distance best first three athletes in each class are awarded with medals.